Prototypes/Early Projects

National High School Game Academy (2012)

I attended the National High School Game Academy, hosted through Carnegie Mellon University's pre-college program, in 2012.  This 6 week course required the other participants and I to learn various game development skills for the first four weeks and then utilize those skills in two larger projects over the course of the last two weeks.  The skills taught ranged from game design basics to programming in the in house Python engine: Panda3D.

The most significant project I worked on was as a programmer to create a game that utilized a free-floating chair as a joystick and a C.A.V.E. virtual reality system as a display.  My group's game was chosen, out of several other groups' games, to be displayed on the final day of the program in the room that contained the C.A.V.E. system. 


Spoil Sport (2013) 

I helped design this game at the first Global Game Jam I attended at DePaul University. While working on this project I learned a lot about estimating time needed to complete certain tasks in game development.  I also got to network and meet many of my peers in the DePaul game development program.

For more info on the game Click Here.


Journey From The Center of the Earth (2014)

This prototype was created for the same class as Daldala, though was meant to be only be a proof of concept and not a full game.  My group was tasked to create a brick breaker game that reimagined the brick breaker "formula" (not just make a game with a "ball" that bounces off bricks and a paddle) and that included some sort of adventure and character arc.

Our group decided to use a mine setting in which the player is floating towards the ceiling of the cave after an accident makes an unknown amount of fill up the cave.  At the end of each level we planned on allowing the player to buy upgrades utilizing a currency that was determined by how many bricks the player broke in the levels.  


Caption It!

Caption It! is a project that I began in a class at Depaul University (Intro to Game Production) and have since continued working on.  My primary goals with this project were to continue growing learning about designing User Interfaces and also how to implement social media into games.

This game allows the player to recaption photos (originally my Instagram photos) and post them onto their own social media outlets.  The project that this originated from was focused on the production process required to pitch this game and then schedule out a set of goals for when various milestones would be completed.